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The Pamper League VS The Diabolical Diaper

Diabolical Diaper and his minions came and stole the babies! Super Baby comes to the rescue but the Diabolical Diaper knows that candy is his weakness. Will Pamper Girl and Pacifier Boy with the power of team work be able to save Super Baby and babies? 

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Once again Diabolical Diaper and his minions came and took the babies but this time he took them to the Moon! 


So the only crew that can save the babies is THE SPACE FORCE!

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Trevor And The Heart Of Doom

Trevor needs to rescue his parents from Heart of Doom. Who is a big meanie. 

Trevor gets his strength from milk.
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The Perils of the Diginers

Coal and Oily were out of jobs but the Diginers looking for better life brought them back. Now it is up to the natives and the spirits who will guide Lady Canbeavlan and McFreedom to bring back the nature. 

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